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With the perforation we’re gonna¬† Dental Insurance Georgia be just fine so now certainly you’ll go after the more complicated teeth when you have Dental Insurance Georgia¬†teeth that have more time to take when you’re gonna take more time getting a particular tooth or teeth to place.

Dental Insurance Georgia
Dental Insurance Georgia

You’re gonna you’re gonna basically concentrate on those and make sure that they keep up with the case and or track nicely and or reduce their treatment time so the rate-limiting teeth are the ones to focus on i tend to use .

The micro st or perforation technique as a comprehensive technique where i just treat the whole arch i go from basically molar to molar and to spread my perforations out because .

I’d like to accelerate the entire process and not just focus on one or one difficult tooth or two difficult teeth again the depth selection you can go anywhere from three to five to seven you had to give the rough thing the lower anterior can even be two millimeters in.

here enough but three millimeters of the anterior and somewhere in the the posterior five to seven palate seven millimeters snap those are available depths most of the depths I’ve worked at is between two and four millimeters now the iconoclast.

That affected peaks at hours so that hours is your peak of your inflammatory response but it does remain for to weeks and to weeks is a time brain that’s incredible because normally bone will heal in about six to eight weeks .

we have a pressure that we’re keeping on the teeth so we’re not allowing the bone to heal because we’re constantly moving