Dental and eye insurance

Dental insurance now Most policies do not cover all medical expenses. You may have to pay a share of medical costs for you and your dependents. This is called the franchise. Each policy is structured differently and may have family deductibles (e.g. first $ 75 of eligible expenses for two insured members at the beginning of each year) or deductibles per service (e.g. $ 5 per drug) prescription).

Some plans have a coinsurance condition in addition to the deductible. Dental insurance now Thus, you must pay a percentage of medical expenses, or co-insurance, in addition to the deductible. Coinsurance can be set at 10% of eligible medical expenses or a higher rate, and service required.

Also, dollar or percentage limits, or maximums, could be set for the amounts of benefits that may be received. The peaks may apply to specific health benefits, such as eyeglasses or massage therapy sessions, for a specified period; in general during a year, or for life.

The deductible, the coinsurance and maximums can affect the amount you it also has mutual medical and dental insurance. Read your policy carefully to understand the fees you must pay yourself and which system will pay first.