real truth of Ameritas dental network

  • Ameritas dental network¬†the pilot role is a little bit too short for a millimeter implant you can see beautifully where the silence¬† is the silence is always Ameritas dental network¬†a little bit less or the sinus walls always a little bit less supported by blood vessels so it’s always.
Ameritas dental network
Ameritas dental network
  • A little bit whiter then the bone we can use for our implant always check if you haven’t damaged the sinus the Meisel silence war.
  • We haven’t and then you can double check if you got your angle right and there’s a wonderful tool in this system which lets you check .
  • The angle in which you would get your your meter structure and then after you drilled to the correct diameter and use .
  • The tap you can place the implant and as I said the last few movements are always do with a ratchet here.

I go up to a torque of Newton centimeters but that’s probably not gonna be enough the rest is always done with a manual torque wrench so with the implant .

  • we go slightly sub crystally that’s perfect like it is you have to be aware of the frontal implant.
  • That you don’t go too long and touch the implant check again and do the last bit with the manual torque wrench and put that in absolutely perfect position .
  • we did exactly the same with the other side and then you can check with this small additional tool whether you end up on .
  • the occlusion surface which is ideal in this case I said you check exactly on the other side was exactly the same tool looks like we’re getting out okay if.
  • We use the music track sure of degrees and then the music structures are in place also are the impression copings next step will be .
  • We place membranes in this case it’s in Fosse guard membrane which stands approximately for eight to nine months I like.
  • these membranes because it ensures that no soft tissue is growing where you don’t want to have it and we fix always fix those membranes.

With titanium pins which stay in the mouth we don’t remove them and unless you can see them or when we need to exposure for other surgeries then you can remove them if you seem but we don’t cut extra large or don’t exist extra large just to remove .

Those pins they can stay there without any problem and if they make probably can take them out very very easily so we fix.